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Pick & Pack

Point of Purchase Displays, Sales Kits, Pocket Folders pre-stuffed with materials...We do all of this and more. No matter how many pieces you have that need to be put together in some sort of kit, we can create all of the pieces and kit them to drop ship to multiple locations or one single location.

In our warehouse space, we can store your pieces for kitting, pick & pack , and/or mailing throughout the year. No need to find a separate warehouse. We want to make it easy on you and be able to turn your projects around quickly when you need it!

Do you have a variety of sales swag that multiple sales people from all over the country pull from? Do you need a centralized location to get these materials together and ship out all over? VCP is your place. We can warehouse and pick & pack per your needs. What you want, when you want it!

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