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Product Photography, Graphics, Diagrams & Illustrations

Photo Editing

We can photograph your products, edit them out of and into backgrounds, add supporting graphics and diagrams, and even convert them into line drawings, illustrations, or digital animations to demonstrate product features and usage. The images are suitable for print and digital display, and the animations are suitable for digital display in videos or online media.

If you already own product photos that need editing or touch up, we can recommend and provide the most effective solutions for improving their appearance for print and digital display.

Storefront and building, landscape and interior photography are also available.

Our artists can edit photos to improve their color, repair backgrounds, remove unwanted objects, insert new objects, and enhance the setting overall.

We can merge two or more photos, turn a frowning face into a smiling face, remove lighting glare, take the wrinkles out of a shirt, straighten a tie, fix a button, remove a stain, and shine shoes with the magic of photo retouching. We can even turn a dreary day into a bright, sunny day. Even old, damaged photos can be brought back to life through photo editing.

The results will be suitable for print and digital display.

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