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Approx. 10" wide x 16" tall: $14 ea.

Single Sided Prints. Printed on 4mil Plastic Coroplast

Results will vary based on picture provided. If image contains shoulders, long hair, hats, etc, it will make the overall head image smaller to fit the size sign chosen.


Perfect for Indoor or outdoor use. 

No adhesive back. If you want to hang on your wall, we recommend the 3M sticky tape


Sticks are NOT included. If you would like a stick, please select the option to add one. You can affix with tape to the back of the big head. These sticks are great to attach to big heads for something to hold on to. You can paint them to match team colors or leave them the natural wooden color! Attach with super glue, double sided tape, clear packing tape or duct tape. Clear Packing tape or Duct tape is our preferred method!

Big Head- 10" x 16"

PriceFrom $19.99
  • Unless you have a professional photo, it is likely that your image may print a little fuzzy if you are blowing up the photo to a very large size. HOWEVER, don't worry, when you hold up your big head, no one will even notice. If the photo quality is very bad, we will contact you before we produce it. 

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